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Piano/Guitar lessons for beginners
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Bass guitar lessons

Bass guitar's

study plan includes:

  • Basic technique of the instrument (and later on advanced techniques such as slap&pop, playing with a pick, palm muting, etc.) 

  • Aural/ear training

  • Solfeggio and sight reading

  • Repertoire: studying and playing songs covering several music genre such as jazz, pop, rock, funk, reggae, fusion, soul, blues, R&B, gospel, nusoul, etc.

  • Reading music sheets (treble and bass clef) and TABS

  • Study of walking bass lines and famous bass riffs

  • Recording and analysing your bass lines 

  • Music theory/harmony and how to visualise it on the fretboard

  • Scales and arpeggios (all kinds)

  • Composition and creation of melodies, songs, etc. 


Ability to "keep time" accurately and have full control of it



How you produce it and how it relates to the positioning of your hands and fingers 


Lessons held

in North London

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Remote lessons on Zoom/Skype

Edoardo has been teaching bass guitar, double bass, guitar, piano, music theory/harmony/composition, music production and music ensemble classes for 14+ years.

He helps students to gain the best results with bespoke lessons for all ages and levels, from beginner to advanced. He has developed a friendly and easy going approach to introduce beginners to the language of music and having them understanding all the 'difficult' things step by step, with the aim of playing simple melodies from lesson n.1

Either if you are starting from no knowledge of music, or if you are an experienced player looking forward to pass grades (Rockschool, Trinity, ABRSM), exams, auditions, etc., with Edoardo's complete study plan you will be able to improve your musical skills on piano and guitar. You will also develop a deep knowledge of ear training that will let you sing in tune and having full control of your performances.










I'm always astounded when I hear from adult students or parents of young pupils that they had a bad experience with their previous teachers (or the parents themselves have bad memories when many years ago they were introduced to music due to a too rigid teacher).

It's actually counterproductive to be strict and harsh with students. Any learning process, yes, requires discipline and hard work but the fastest way to learn is creating a comfortable environment that speeds up the learning process, so that students can enjoy their time discovering the music language, while the teacher being completely aware of the study path and the small steps each student is gaining in every lesson.

Music production lessons

I do also offer Music production and mixing lessons (Logic Pro X, Sibelius, etc.)

"I am an active experienced musician who has been studying and performing music for more than 15 years and I still study and practice on a daily basis to improve myself and my skills.

If you are a beginner approaching music for the first time, I will help you to create a great, fun and engaging path to understand the wonderful language of music. 

If you dream of making a living with music and develop a top level career, I will pass you all the tips, secrets and information I have gained in my experience and I will make sure you are on the right route to become a professional musician who does between 4 to 7+ gigs a week, performs all around the world and who can rely on multiple sources of income all within the music industry."


Edoardo holds a BMus (Hons) in Jazz, a Bass Guitar Diploma (both with honours), ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory/CompositionEducare Music certificate and he is fully DBS checked

Get in touch here

Edoardo offers 45min (£40, up to 14yo) or 60min (£50) in person (N14), online or home visits lessons.

Please specify your postcode and what instrument you are interested in learning. 

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