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I can play almost any style of music:
Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz, R&B, Funk, Blues, Latin, World Music, Country, Reggae, Gospel, etc.

I always listened, studied, and played these genres since day 1 I touched the bass guitar (many years ago!) and my relationship with music is a never ending fascinating learning path.

I record from my home studio using top quality gear (UAD interface and plugins, amp simulations, etc.), a vaste selection of basses, analog pedals, etc.

Double bass is recorded using Fishman Full Circle pickup + dedicated preamp and AKG 414c condenser mic.
I can also play bowed simple lines.

Basses 2022.jpg


If you are a composer, producer, singer/songwriter, a band, an artist, a label, and need a quick pro bass session without the hassle to find a great reliable pro, to book a studio, etc.,

you are in the right place.

Being myself a composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist I listen carefully to clients' requests and always suggest the best solution when you are not sure yet how a bass part should sound or what kind of arrangement the song will aim at.

I include revisions (and funnily enough my clients are always super happy at my first take!) 

I sight-read and have perfect pitch, if you don't provide bass charts I can easily transcribe the chords and structure of the song before starting to record.

I'm not gonna bother you with my past studies or technical info on the gear I use, feel obviously free to ask, but, what I always aim at is recording the best bass guitar/upright take for your song to take it to the next level.

Clients are often surprised by the speed at which I deliver tracks (if I'm available it can be as fast as a couple of hours), getting it right at the first one (tone, bass choice, groove, etc.).

This is simply due to more than 15 years of knowledge and expertise and being an active session player (live and studio).



Prices start from:

£150 for 1 track (2 takes and 1 revision included)

The length, difficulty and special requirements of your song/production/composition will vary the final price of bass recordings accordingly.

I offer DISCOUNTS for multiple tracks (albums, EPs , etc.) 

I will deliver WAV mono dry 24bit/48kHz files unless you have different needs, just let me know in advance.

I will also send at least 1 bass amp simulation track (for bass guitar recordings).
My DAW is Logic Pro X. 




Please watch my recording and live reels below:


These are only some of my clients' feedbacks after I delivered the bass tracks for their projects, for privacy reasons I won't post their full name but I am very lucky to work for some major clients and productions (Netflix, renowned artists, etc.) and I'm also grateful to them because not only they gave me the opportunity to play some beautiful music, they also became regular clients hiring me for new projects and are always recommending me to other clients.

Thank you!

“Wow, the track sounds great! Hope it was fun to play - you've really nailed it!"


“Hey, just loaded the take in, it sounds great! Really like the tone of the Cali76 one, it sits in the mix really well!"


“Wow - that’s quick work and sounds fantastic! Many thanks indeed!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


"Thanks again, to be honest we were both really impressed with the versatility and apparent effortlessness (if that’s the right thing to say!) of your reel. Of course, the acid test is what you delivered, which was bang-on for what we wanted!" 


“These sound amazing! Thank you so much - and thank you for doing them so quickly!"


“You're fantastic! These sound great! Exactly what I was looking for."


“Overall it sounds beautiful! I think I'll take some bits for the final part from the other take, but that's it, wonderful job Ed."


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